Thursday, February 28, 2008

HiPhone I32 disadvantages

The Hiphone I32 has been on the market since the beginning of February. Users had the chance to use it for a while and they even found some disadvantages of this new model.

  • No way to easily adjust the volume
  • Loudspeaker feature does not work on all models (software bug)
  • The clock is only 24hrs format
  • No auto update for the clock
  • Cannot adjust the brightness of the backlight
  • Cannot set a custom tone for messages
  • Scrolling through contacts is difficult
  • Contact names can only be up to 10 characters
  • Not optimized and illogical menus - strange position of the Bluetooth, checking for new messages is deep into the menu
  • The default when composing SMS is the number pad, but it would be better to have the virtual keyboard instead
  • Photos below something like 640x480 simply wont display, or scale down to be viewed or anything
  • Filenames cannot be longer than 21 characters and cannot contain spaces
  • No VBR mp3s playback
  • Limited .3gp support - some movies work, others display without audio
  • The camera is not near 2Mp, it is in reality 0.1Mp (320x240 px) or 0.3Mp (640x480 px)
  • No games
  • Slow USB transfer
  • Webcam feature cannot be used with messangers (eg Skype etc)

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