Monday, March 31, 2008

Cect 599+ on sale

As it seems the new version of Cect 599, named Cect 599+ (the same name convention as with P168 :) ) is out and it is already listed on Solomobi:

It has 2 sim cards (one standby), display resolution has increased to 240x400px, Bluetooth 2.0, comes with 256MB TF card. The old 599 had 3 buttons on the bottom. 599+ has one large Iphone like button. It also has "Slide to unlock" function as you can see from the photos. The camera is supposed to be 2.0 Mp but again having previous experience with chinese phones it is probably 0.3 Mp.

Update: I found the same phone on this website under the name LH01:

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