Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Changes in Hiphone firmware 1.1

Last Updated: 2008-04-13

Ok, as I promosed here are some positive changes from the previous firmware version and some things that are not fixed yet:

  • different startup wallpaper (a dragon picture)
  • smoother menu navigation
  • the music player can play mp3 vbr and mp3 with bitrate higher than 128 kbps
  • loudspeaker feature during a call still not active
  • no subdirectories support
  • filenames length is 21 characters maximum and space is allowed
  • Wallpaper on "Slide to unlock" screen can be changed (Settings -> Display settings -> Wallpaper settings)
  • When composing SMS message the red icon showing whether you input digits or letters has been moved to the top left corner
  • You can send SMS to persons that are not in your Phone book
  • Under Multimedia, "Leav" menu item is replaced by "Call Recorder"
  • Increased LCD backlit brightness
  • Sound coming out from the speakers even when the handsfree is connected - FIXED
  • German language added. Now available languages are: English, French, Chinese, Russian, Vietnamese, Portugese, Spanish and German
  • Filenaming of photos and videos taken with the camera is random not continuous. Naming of photos is PIC_xxxx.jpg and of videos is MJPEG_xxxx.3gp where xxxx is a random number
  • No sorting option available in file explorer. New files are added in the beginning of the list
  • Still no handwriting recognition available
  • Telephone numbers in phonebook should start with +(country-code)(tel. number), eg. +86755351729. Otherwise the person's name won't be recognized and only telephone number will be displayed
  • The image viewer is quite bad. The Hiphone display is 240x320 px. If you try to view a photo with different proportions you will see a jagged image. For example if you try to view a 640x480 photo it is jagged but if you try to view a 480x640 photo then it's ok. It seems the Hiphone image viewer automatically resamples wider photos and the resample algorithm is awfull (probably just simple Nearest Neighbor)

There are more changes and I'll keep you updated as I have time to hunt them down :)

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