Thursday, March 13, 2008

Hiphone I32 new firmware v1.2

Ok, again the same ebay seller that confirmed the firmware v1.1 now says that on 10 March 2008 a new version 1.2 has been released.

Changes are:

  • System speed improvement
  • MMS Support ( previous Version MMS Function is not active) fixed
  • T-mobile Internet connection problem fixed
  • T-mobile compatible problem fixed
  • Other small bugs from previous versions fixed


asd said...

nice, when can it be downloaded `?

blog-author said...

As with previous versions I doubt this one will be released for download.

Tcm9669 said...

I hope that we can find from where to download and upgrade this!!

blog-author said...

On the they have found the utility to upload the firmware but still do not have the firmware itself.

adam said...

So they just keep selling these phones as is and advertising things you wont recieve unless you wait for phone only upgrades well mt tmobile internet doesn't work my speaker phone doesn't work so now what I'm just outa luck? I don't think so I don't advise anyone to buy these phones from this point forward and I am also now debating just closing my forum and letting the general public have a these thiefs

blog-author said...

Adam, check on the forum. There are people there who claim they have succeeded to setup t-mobile internet connection. I also saw there some pdf manuals for the Hiphone with tips and tricks.

I agree that there are some very annoying bugs like the loudspeaker function but as a whole the phone is not that bad considerig the price.

Tcm9669 said...

What is this loudspeaker bug??

And I just saw this video on youtube on how to download the hiphone firmware... if anyone is interested take a look, maybe someone which has the updated version might download it and upload it online for others??

BTW I'm starting to love this blog :) Please keep us updating with everything... I'm still waiting for my hiphone to arrive just bought it last Monday or Sunday.

Braden said...


For all info, community, where to buy, and information /

blog-author said...

The bug with the loudspeaker is that you can not turn it on during a call. The speaker icon is grey and not acive.

B said...

Speakerphone only works with hands-free kit connected.

DavidBDraken said...

why everybody seems to like this hiphone I32

i got miphone m88 mobile 6 and it does not rotate screen but it has wifi though
os 5.02
cpu arm 926e
clock speed 160 Mhz sometime i see 330 Mhz on core player

and where can i get hiphone I32?