Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Hiphone optimal video clip settings

The Hiphone has a video player but it cannot play various video formats. In fact it can only play 3GP format movies. Since the CPU is not very fast and as it seems there is no separate hardware decoding, so the Hiphone cannot play higher resolution movies. For example if you try to play a 320x240 movie at 30fps the player lags and drops frames and the auto rotate function does not work (black screen with sound only).

As already said the player supports 3GP format. Supported video codecs are MPEG-4 and H263. Supported audio codec is AMR-NB.

The Hiphone comes with Total Video Converter software in order to convert existing movies and make them Hiphone compatible :) I made a few tests with different quality movies and I found the following recommended settings – resolution (QCIF): 176x144 px, frame rate: 14.985.

Below are the settings applied in Total Video Converter. Click on each image to view larger version.

Here are the audio settings:

Video settings:

Video resize settings:

Video crop and pad settings (actually you don't need to change anything here):

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CGW said...

I recently got the Hiphone, but in my country there were no accompanied software discs like the one you mentioned for video files...
I would be really thankful if you could send me the software, because I would love to have all the options the phone offers...

Thank you very much in advance...