Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Hiphone video clip settings – part 2

I noticed that the video codec of the video clips taken with Hiphone is MJPEG at 320x240 px resolution and the playback was smooth. So I decided to try to make a clip and play it. And guess what - it worked. Hiphone can play smoothly MJPEG 320x240 px movies at 15 or 30 fps. The downside of this video codec is that the quality in dynamic scenes degrades quite a bit and the size of the movies is enormous - almost 10 megabytes per minute (at 1500 kbit/s bit rate).

So if you want to make a MJPEG movie, go to to Settings in Total Video Converter, choose MJPEG video codec, set 30 fps. For the bit rate I suggest to put something higher than 600 kbits/s. Remember - the higher bit rate, the higher movie size.


Jack said...

this not working I did everything told in this post but in attempt to convert know get error. Maybe I made smth wrong. Please say step by step what need to do/

blog-author said...

Are you sure you use the MJPEG (not MPEG) video codec and AMR-NB audio codec?