Monday, March 24, 2008

P168+ secret codes

*#3646633# - Engineer mode. Apart from the various settings you can set your P168+ to work on 850MHz band (by default it works only on 800/900/1800MHz). Go to Network settings -> Band selection -> Now if you see more than 3 diffrent bands with the 850 you have the quad band (850 support) and you can set it to use it.

To make the Speakers/Volume even louder do the following: Under engineer mode go to Audio. Now go to normal mode. Once you have reached this stage go to melody now set Volume 6 as high as you like but I would not suggest going any higher than 160. (Tip: ONCE YOU HAVE DONE THIS AND WANT TO USE THE MP3 PLAYER SET THE SOUND SETTINGS TO TREBLE MAKES IT LOUDER AND CLEARER).

If you want more information about your Cect p168 including the time and date of manufacture, make and model, serial numbers and many other codes that you could want, then you need to enter the factory mode. On the keypad enter *#66*# for Factory mode.

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