Monday, March 31, 2008

Piphone - probably the next Hiphone?

There is a rumor on the Hiphonepro forums that there is better than Hiphone clone on the way called Piphone. The specifications quoted are:

  • Super thin and Super Light, 1:1 iPhone clone
  • 3.2" Pure Flat Touch Screen with handwriting recognition
  • Supports JAVA technology, can install MSN, Office, PDF and other application programs
  • Operating Frequency: GSM 850/900/1800/1900 MHz. Automatically switching between bands, can be used worldwide
  • Stereo FM radio/ Bluetooth 2.0/ Slide to unlock technology
  • New fashion Shake switching fuction, change music, pictures and movies easily
  • Picture/movie will be automatically rotated to proper direction when rotating the phone
  • Special designed input interface, clicking virtual keypad, the pre-selected word will be enlarged
  • Dual SIM card, can install two sim cards
  • Official Website support, users can download application programs and get useful information online
  • Free 1GB TF card and car charger
This information is not confirmed and there is even a performance comparison table where the Piphone, Hiphone I32, S688, A88 and P168+ are compared.

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