Thursday, April 24, 2008

Boxu T35 -- the successor of Hiphone I32?

Main characterastic:

  1. super slim/light, the most similar with Apple iphone,its has nearly the same size as Apple.
  2. 3.2inch super wide pure touch screen,support chinese and english writing distinguish.
  3. this one totally intimate iphone on operation interface.
  4. Support java, can fix MSN,Office,PDF thousands of program and games.
  5. It support 10 multi-languages.
  6. GSM 850/900/1800/1900MHz, auto exchange,can worked all over the world.
  7. it buit-in FM radio/blutooth2.0/slide unlocked.
  8. Swing song change/photo/movie/standby photo
  9. pic/video auto turning to the right position when you whirl the phone.
  10. unique input interface/dot the virual keyboard,the character can enlarge
  11. dual card single standby(it can upgrade dual card dual standby),support two SIM card.
  12. official website supported,you can download variety programs,and receive various problem solving method.
  13. delicate package,offer chinese-english instructions.
  14. present 1GB TF card and car charger.
  15. MSN online,fantastic menu whiring exchange.

More information and photos:

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Lino said...

Here are some videos of the Boxu T35 /Y32 / Hiphone i35 /Sciphone (so many nanes I have seen for a simple device XD)

The Hiphone 1.2 tactil screen works better than Boxu T35, in the video the guy must push the screen several times because not works very well.