Thursday, May 29, 2008

Sciphone available on Dealextreme

SciPhone i68 Quadband 3.2" LCD Java + Motion Sensor GSM Cell Phone * Free EMS Express.


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Riosga29 said...

My sciphone screentouch started to give problem after 4 month. Scophone tech service just assumed screen was damaged (it was not) and it is still working but I have to keep pressure in next to the power button for the screen to response. In practical term they are not really offering any warranty for a product 4 months old. They offer a repair to my pocket and shipment to my pocket too (after 2 months user pay!!!). I think I can waste $100 but I am not going to waste $150 or more. If I spend another $50 would they give me the same warranty for the "repair"?. No thanks.
I am thankful of this happening right before ordering phones for my entire family.
Their response time was outstanding but low quality and no real warranty bad combination.
Very disappointing experience, but a good learning that change my mind about this clones. Just wanting to share the experience